Thursday, September 22, 2016

Proctor History Project

What a great start to our year!  We have spent a lot of our year so far learning and practicing expectations and routines for the classroom.  This group of students has caught on quick, which has allowed us to jump right into the curriculum.

We have just started our unit on Proctor history.  I started off the unit with the students sharing what they already know about Proctor’s history and I have to say that they are quite knowledgable already.  We have read about the Abenaki Indians who lived in this area and we compared their lifestyle to our current one.  The students were amazed at the differences and even at some of the similarities.  

Our school has begun a new initiative called Project Based Learning, or PBL for short.  Project based learning allows our students to learn about a subject through the completion of a project.  This type of learning allows the students to be independent, have a lot of say in what they are learning, display their learning in many ways, and move at their own pace.  Often PBL centers around a current hot topic or something that impacts the community and the final products created by the students have local impact.

What does this have to do with Proctor history?  We are learning about Proctor history through Project Based Learning.  I have given the students the question, “What is Proctor’s story?”  The students are being asked to pick a landmark in Proctor that interests them and then partner up with a student who has the same interest as them.  Students will be creating questions to ask about their landmark and then researching to answer those questions.  Once students have become experts on their landmark, they will create a video sharing out their information.  Once our class is finished with their presentations, we will be creating a tour map of Proctor for our community members, future students, and visitors.  The map will include links to the videos students have made.  We are very excited about this project.

So how can you help?  The information we have about some of the landmarks in our town is limited.  The students and I have discussed that our best resources in town are the people who live here. I have encouraged the students to interview you (if you grew up here) and their neighbors.  We have discussed that they should not be interviewing anyone without permission from you!

Students are also encouraged to go out to their landmark to take pictures and/or video.  They will use these in the video presentation they create.  If your student does take pictures and/or video, they can either log into their Google accounts at home and upload them to their Google Drive or they can be emailed to me and I will then forward them to the correct email.  

Thank you for all of your help in advance and we can’t wait to show you our finished product!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Welcome Back!

Welcome to a new school year! We spent our first week getting to know our expectations, getting sorted into our Hogwarts houses, and figuring out how to work as a team.  We laughed a lot!  We are looking forward to a great year together!