Sunday, May 10, 2015


The 3rd and 4th grades spent Wednesday in Montpelier, our state’s capital.  While in Montpelier, the students were able to visit both the State House and the Vermont History Museum, learning more about our state’s history and how our government works. Students were given a tour of the State House building and learned a lot about what goes on there.    
To prepare for our field trip, the 4th graders created a law they wanted to see pass.  Our tour guide took this proposal and showed us the process it goes through to become a law.  Students were able to see the Senate chambers as well as the chambers of the House of Representatives.  In addition, students visited the Cedar Creek Room where they were able look at a large painting of the Battle of Cedar Creek, a battle fought in Virginia during the Civil War.  While at the State House, students had the opportunity to meet some of their representatives and some lucky students even got to meet Governor Shumlin. 
Students also took a tour of the Vermont History Museum.  Students were able to sit inside an Abenaki wigwam and learn about the Abenaki way of life.  The 3rd graders spent a lot of time at the beginning of the year learning about the Abenakis in Proctor and were excited to actually be able to experience this.  In addition, students learned about what life was like in Vermont during the time of the Green Mountain Boys, the Revolutionary War, and the Civil War.  

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