Friday, May 17, 2013

Slim Goodbody
By Mrs. Smith's 1st and 2nd Grade Class

After a fantastic assembly about healthy bodies, our class had a chance to sit down with Slim Goodbody to ask him some questions.

Jenna:             What is your name?
                         Slim Goodbody told us "My name is Slim Goodbody."  He said when he is not in
                         his superhero costume his name is Jonathan.

Katelyn:          Where are you from?
                         Slim Goodbody use to live in Maine but he moved to Pennsylvania a few months

Joel:                What was it like growing up?
                         Slim Goodbody's dad was in the Air Force so he lived in 17 states from the time
                         he was born until he graduated high school.  It was hard to make friends because
                         he kept moving.  When he got into performing it became easier to make friends.

Spencer:          When is your birthday?
                         Slim Goodbody said his birthday is September 24 and he is a Libra.

Brookelyn:      What do you like to do for fun?
                         Slim Goodbody likes to write.  He is writing 2 new shows - 1 environmental and
                         1 about what the bible says about healthy bodies.  He likes to work out and

Cadence:         What is your favorite part of doing Slim Goodbody?
                         Slim Goodbody likes the Lubba Dubba section.  "I like the heart."

Jacob:              What is your favorite food?
                          Slim Goodbody said his healthy favorite foods are fruit salad and turkey burgers
                          when he makes it.  He adds bell peppers and seasonings.  His favorite unhealthy
                          food is pizza.

Olivia:              What is your favorite animal?
                          The flying squirrel is Slim Goodbody's favorite animal because they can glide.
                          He wrote a report about them when he was our age.

Mason:             Do you have a pet?
                          Slim Goodbody has an 8 year old Yorkshire Terrier named Nala, like the Lion
                          King.  She is 6 1/2 - 7 pounds.

Timothy:           What is your favorite junk food?
                          Slim Goodbody's favorite junk food is Twizzlers.

Elihu:                How do you learn to do all the voices?
                          Slim Goodbody said he loved to watch comedies when he was a kid.  He said
                          he liked Jim Carrey and Robin Williams.  He mimicked the voices and practiced.

Mrs. Smith:      How did you get your costume?
                          Slim Goodbody told us that an artist made his costume.

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