Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday News

Dear Families,
This week we tried something new with our class blog. My goal is for the kids to have full ownership of the blog and for them to be in charge of what information you read about. This week we used Glogster as our method of blogging. Glogster is a more visual form of blogging and almost comes across as a poster collage of the information shared. The students are able to write detailed sentences about a topic of their choice and then they can add some flare through colors, backgrounds, pictures, and frames. Our first authors to try this new method were Jenna, Joel, and Cadence and it was a fun experience for us all. It was wonderful to watch them progress through the phases of drafting, pre-writing, editing, and producing a final draft. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Super Sentences

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday News

Dear Families,

We had an assembly on Wednesday to learn about Afghanistan.  We learned that the people in Afghanistan wear different clothes than us.  Girls wear dresses and have to wear something to cover their head.  We also learned about how kids travel to school.  They have walk over big rocky mountains and through rivers and streams.  The roads are too small for cars to fit and are also unsafe.  Did you know that Afghanistan is about 6,000 miles away from Proctor, Vermont?

On Wednesday we had a new student join our class.  Her name is Olivia and she is a first grade student.  She moved here from New York.  We are very happy to have Olivia in our class!

Brookelyn and Timothy

Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday News Mishmash

Dear Families,

Well, it has been a crazy few weeks in our classroom.  With Winter Carnival, Winter Wonderland, and Dr. Seuss' birthday, we have been left with little time for the students to sit down at the computer and update our blog.  With a Friday afternoon finally free, we have decided to partner up and update you on all the exciting things that have been happening.

Dr. Seuss Day
by Jenna and Brookelyn

On Dr. Seuss day, some high school girls came to read to us.  They read us Hooray for Diffendoofer Day.  Mr. Rosenberg joined us.  He is the principal for the high school students.  He is very nice.  Peter really enjoyed this story and got very comfortable.

Winter Wonderland
By Mason and Timothy

We got to enjoy a fun afternoon of games and activities.  Many of our parents came in to plan this for us.  First, we made lava lamps.  We took a little water and put it in a bottle.  Then we put in vegetable oil.  Next we put in food coloring.  Finally, we put in Alka Seltzer tablets to make it bubble.  It was awesome!
Second we pinned the nose on the snowman.  My favorite was when we were spun around (Mason).  My favorite part was when we had to wear the bandanna (Timothy).
Third, we had a relay race.  We had to use a sand shovel to toss a ping pong ball onto a large Frisbee that someone was holding.  If the ball fell off the Frisbee we had to start over again.

Winter Wonderland
By Cadence, Kaitlyn, and Mrs. Smith

Despite the disappointing news that there was just not enough snow (these crazy Vermont winters!) to have Winter Carnival, we did not let that get us down!  We decided to have our own Winter Carnival right in our classroom.  The students spent the morning playing "Minute to Win It" games. They were given one minute to  complete different tasks.

First, we had to stack three golf balls on top of each other.  Next, we put Oreo cookies on our foreheads   We tried to get the Oreo into our mouths without using our hands.  Nest, we put some Vaseline on our noses to get cotton balls to stick.  We had to move the cotton balls from one plate to another plate.  Even Mrs. Buzzell tried this one.  Next, we had 4 cups that were stacked with cards in between them.  We had to slide the cards out and get the cups to stack on top of one another.  Finally, we split into two teams and dressed one of our teammates up like a snowman.  It was so much fun!

This Week
By Joel, Elihu, and Jacob

Yeah! Today is Friday!  This week, we got to join Mrs. Cook's class for an extra PE class instead of going to health.  This has been the 2nd best week of the year because we got to use iPads.  It was very fun!