Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Digital Learning Day

We had a blast today incorporating technology into many aspects of our day.  We were very excited to have a few parents join us this afternoon.  I know the kids really thought this was a treat!  I will let the students tell you more about Digital Learning Day on their Friday update.

I wanted to share a few new websites that we will be using in our classroom.  We will be incorporating Spelling City into our daily Word Work block of time.  This is a site that will teach students how to spell, play games with their spelling words, and take a spelling test.  This would be a great way for students to practice the skills they are learning in school.  Students are each assigned a color group and will find that attached to the online spelling list.  This will let them easily identify which lists are theirs.

In addition, each student has an account with ScootPad.  This is a site that will allow students to practice math and reading skills at their own pace.  The site adjusts lessons to match student needs as they progress through.  I had a few students test it today and received positive feedback from them.  Students will need a login and password, both of which I will send home with them this week.  This site also has the option to record reading done at home.  I am hoping to pilot this part of the site with the students this month and will send home more information soon.

To get to both Spelling City and ScootPad, just follow the links on the right side of the page under "Our Favorite Websites."

Enjoy the rest of your week and cross your fingers for a little snow this weekend!

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