Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday News

This week we learned about Martin Luther King Jr.  He was an African American who wanted to everyone to be treated equally.  When Martin was a kid, African Americans had to stand at the end of lines, sit in the back of the bus, and go to separate restaurants.  Martin Luther King Jr. wanted to change this when he grew up.

We also learned about a woman named Rosa Parks.  She was sitting in the front of the bus but because she was African American she was supposed to sit in the back.  The bus driver told her to get out of the seat and she said no.  She was arrested.

Today we got to go to a concert.  The concert was put on by a brass trio from the Vermont Symphony Orchestra.  A brass trio is three people that play brass instruments.  There was a trumpet, a french horn, and a trombone.  They played lots of music for us.  Our class favorite was their first song which was the main theme from Star Wars. We learned that all three musicians started playing their instruments in 5th grade.  The musicians showed us other objects that could be played as musical instruments.  They showed us how to play a cow horn, a seashell, and a rubber hose.  It was a good concert.

Have a great 3 day weekend!

Cadence and Katelyn


  1. Thanks for having us in for digital learning day. Fascinating stuff. Happy learning.

  2. Awesome! From brookelyn, cadence, tim, and Mrs. Kingsbury (Peter's mom)