Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday News

Dear Families,

In 2nd grade math class we got to use iPads and we got to pick our own games.  It is very fun.  Today we just learned about straight edges.  Mrs. DiFeo drew little dots and we had to draw a line between the dots using a straight edges.  We also had to write letters on top of the dots.

We are working in reading to build our stamina.  Stamina is doing anything for a long period of time without stopping or giving up.  Right now we are able to read silently for 11 minutes.  Our goal is to be able to read silently for 20 minutes.  We also get to pick our own places to sit in the classroom to read.  It's awesome!

Here is a new video our class really likes.  It is called Sesame Street: Share It Maybe.

Have an awesome weekend and enjoy your 3 days off!

Jacob and Jenna