Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday News

Dear Families,

We worked pretty hard this week. 

1st graders have been learning about measuring in math.  We traced our feet and used them to measure objects.  Then we measured the same objects with standard feet.  We all had a great time in math.

2nd graders got to use the iPads again this week.  We had fun and we played My Math App.  We had to do subtraction or addition facts.  We also took a math test that had subtraction and graphs.

We had several kids in our class who earned lunch passes this week.  You get a lunch pass when you are quiet during lunch and raise your hand to ask the lunch teacher a question.  Kids also need to focus on eating their food.  When the lights are off, voices go off.  On Friday, kids who earned the lunch pass get to each with Mrs. Coloutti. 

Have a good weekend!

Mrs. Smith's Class

Monday, December 3, 2012

Book Orders

Just a reminder that book orders are due tomorrow.  You can find the link to Scholastic Bookclubs under "Sites for Parents."  Our class code is LB42C.