Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday News

Dear Families,

We had a really, really good week.  We write in our journals every morning.  We like coming to school because we get to see our friends.   We always have an amazing lunch.

In  1st grade math we have been learning how to solve math problems.  We went to Mrs. Cook's class to learn how to solve problems with her class.  We solved problems about gingerbread men, frogs, and bug legs.  Today we had a math test.  We think we did amazing!

In 2nd grade math we get to use iPads every Thursday.  We think it is awesome!  We got to play a game that had addition and subtraction.  The iPad timed us while we wrote down the answers to the problems.  Ms. Houck says we worked on math fluency.  Today we learned to play a new game called Dollar-Rummy.

This week we also started new reading homework.  We are working on sight words to help our reading.  In art, we made snowmen and snow ladies.  We began a new writing project today.  We had to write about what we would do if we lived in a snow globe.  What would you do if you lived in a snow globe?  Leave a comment to tell us.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Mrs. Smith's 1st and 2nd Graders

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